Taco’s and a flight

This morning I worked my way into Pasco where the crew and I had a few hours so the captain rented a car so we could all go and get food in town.  Due to the situation at hand many of the airports are limited or have closed all food and shops down, mainly at … Continue reading Taco’s and a flight

Has Any Good Been Done Today

On my way into work this morning a local bus driver stopped and waited to see if I would be coming onto his bus.  He had stopped several feet before the official bus stop and he waited until I was passing by. As I was walking by I waved letting him know that I wasn't … Continue reading Has Any Good Been Done Today

Mothers Day

the sun is setting behind me its really quite beautiful.  An orange/coral glow with clouds passing over it.  I am sitting at the balcony in my hotel room currently looking out to the mountain range in Vancouver.  It is all spectacular and I won't have a picture for this view.  This one is going to … Continue reading Mothers Day