Hello my Friend.


hello there!
its nice to meet you.

i am jessica but you may call me jess. 

i blog from my home in a little northern city of utah.
i can look out my front window and see the beautiful mountains.
i love those mountains.
i also work up on those mountains.

i am originally from the mid-west.
ohio to be exact and for the record i call it the east coast.

i am mormon, a feminist, and a vegetarian
you wouldn’t think those three all work together, but they do
and i am learning to navigate my way through it.
but that is just a part of who i am.
i am so much more.

i love getting out and taking hikes, or walking around my town.
i am into doctor who and most bbc shows.
i am into mediation and prayer. 
i live simply and dream big. 

this is just the beginning,
i hope that you will stick around.
so lets be friends.


with love jess 




I love comments! Especially Yours!

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