what a perfect day looks like…..

   i kinda had this perfect day yesterday. i have been thinking about this lately about what my everyday would be to make it perfect for myself and yesterday i had a little test of sorts.  in the  morning a friend and i  went down to one of the local coffee shops here in town and got ourselves  delicious drinks, for myself a hot cocoa with carmel flavoring, and then we had a meeting about up coming projects and then of course we talked about boys. it was rather nice to just sit there in the coffee house on a beautiful fall day with all the leaves falling with that autumn smell and feel in the air (its that autumn glow that i love).


   then we went back to the house and  had ourselves a yoga session.  i have really been loving yoga of late, the movements, relaxation of the body and mind, a cleansing of such.  i felt so much more relaxed, energized, with a new renewed creative force pulling me.


right after yoga i had really wanted to sit down for a bit and write away. (that would have made it even more perfect) but we cleaned the house while jamming to some reggae. after all of that we headed up to the trails of the  mountains to hike off whatever other energies that didn’t get released through yoga.  I felt so much more closer to myself, down to earth, balanced and focused. we discussed about energy levels and how ours effects others, we discussed big foot and who we think he is (although we always discuss big foot on every hiking trip), we talked about the cosmos, and how in every religion there are always the same types of symbols, and about our dreams and what they might possibly mean.


   this is really want i want my every day to look like if i can. i don’t want a “normal, typical” job.  i want to do something were i set my own hours where i am creative, with hiking and yoga, writing, and a good cup of hot cocoa in my hands.  I see it and i know that the day is coming that this perfect day that i had will be my norm.  i know that this is where i am heading to.   i am making plans and goals for myself to reach this.  all i want is to live simply my way with some travel, lots of books, yoga and nature and i am good to go.

i see it and i am reaching out for it, looking to it with confidence, some courage, and motivation.

with love,


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