Saturday night goal making

for awhile now i have been feeling and knowing that i have been needing to make goals for myself.  to really think about what i want and to get it down on paper.  sometimes the best way to manifest something is to actually put it on paper or blog (both 🙂 ).   so tonight i have finally written them out and you know what its not a lot, they are pretty simple with want i am wanting at this time and for the future.  everything can be done and in a timely manner, i just need to keep them with me and then as i get the time and make time for each goal i can cross it off the list.  this way i can make and add new goals in there.  so here they are for the universe and my blog readers to see.

Goals-Short Term 

1. find an appropriate apartment

2. apply for college

3. send in papers on name fraud. (yeah that happens it sucks, but it will get resolved.)

4. apply for scholarships and/or grants

5. move

6. make an appropriate budget

7. find a local charity to volunteer through holidays

8. allow more time for writing

9. get out into nature more

Goals-Long Term

1. have a budget set and applied

2. decide on major and minor for college

3. publish an article (post) for pay:)

4. study and prepare for garden with friends

5. save for a study abroad program

6. write regularly on blog ( 2 to 3 xs weekly)


well that feels good to get that all out there, i hope that you all have a wonderful sunday and be sure to make time for your goals.

with love,



p.s just for your enjoyment here is a picture that has nothing to do with this post really:)


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