learning to retreat and youtube video….

this month seems to be flying by, which truthfully this whole year has passed by quickly and it seems that every year just goes by quicker than the last.  his month has seen a lot for myself, with working, moving twice, getting settled into my new place, social events, and then of course being sick this last week.

its been awhile since i have had a cold, flu anything really and it really caught up to me.  i feel like i have been constantly going for months with everything that has been going on and happening that i haven’t really had time to stop and rest.  i think my body had finally had enough and decided to make me stop and rest. so i did nothing but sleep all of my weekend.  i have finally started to feel better, but i can tell my energy is low and not in the bouncing off the walls kind of energy, but my emotional energy (or as i like to call it my soul energy).  i realize that i need to get back to doing what i love to do again.  by the time i was heading home i started thinking about wanting to  just retreat, go someplace that i could be by myself.  i told myself that after work that i would go home, i would read a book for an hour, take time to play with the pup, and then i would go to bed early.  and here it is almost midnight and i didn’t do what i had wanted to do.  i know that i need to be better about giving to myself so that i can give to others more fully.  i have to learn to say no sometimes or to step away.  i know that i will get better because i will have tomorrow. and tomorrow i can go back and practice some more.  but for my over all health i have to learn to really retreat sometimes, even if that means going to my room and reading a book. its not mean its just taking time for myself.  and also realizing that others need their retreats as well.

also this is the true purpose of why i had gotten on here to blog in the first place……..

this has given me the giggles for weeks….

p.s. they have more videos of course, so please do watch them all.  and then tell me your favorite.

with love,


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