Happy Thanks Giving!

Have A Happy Thanks Giving everyone!

Here are a few items of what I am grateful this year.

1. I am grateful for my job.
It has given me the motivation on plenty of days that I would have rather layed in bed and cried this year, and there were plenty.
2. I am grateful to my mother.
She has taken the brunt of my ill feelings this year but has comforted me with grace and acceptance.
3. For my friends
They have accepted me and taken me in and have given me a breath of fresh air in the way that I view the world around me.
4. Family
I am grateful for the time that I was able to spend with my family. They were a big help in centering me and letting me know that I am loved.
5. My ward family,
I have felt extremely close to so many that I have gotten to know. To those who have shared their stories with me and have allowed me to open up to them. Who have come over to give me blessings, to talk with me and more importantly who have helped me grow in my spiritual qwest this year.
6. I am Grateful for Heavenly Parents.
There were many times that all I could do was to pray and cry and when I didn’t know what to ask for or what I wanted, I received comfort, peace, love, acceptance, and understanding.
7. I am grateful for the divorce this year.
I wasn’t grateful for it at first, nor did I want it or understand it. But this experiance has opened me up in so many ways, it has taught me about myself that I would have never known or thought possible. It has given me a shift in energy, spirituality, and a courage that I would have never had with out.
8. I am grateful for my ex-husband (still sounds weird to say).
I learned that there are good men out there. I learned and was able to feel how I wanted and deserved to be loved. I was able to feel and be loved and I was able to learn about relationships that I wasn’t able to learn as a child. I know now a little bit more of what I want in a relationship and in a partner and I learned that from my ex and also in realizing who I am as well. I was also able to learn how to let go in a healthy and loving way. I learned that even if you think at some point that you where supposed to be with someone forever that it isn’t always true.

9. I am grateful for who I am today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I know that I have come leaps and bounds to who I was last year at this time and even who I was in March. I know that I have accomplished much emotionally and spiritually. I have let go of past hurt, have learned to forgive myself, have loved in pain, and I have found a path that fits me. Fits who I am and what I want to become in this life.  I don’t know if there is any greater feeling than this, this moment that I am in now. I know that there will be but I am so happy and proud of who I am and what I am capable of doing.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are able to find something to be thankful of this year.

with love,



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