just a little hello note

i know that it has been awhile since i have posted something.  i was keeping on a good schedule that was working with work, where i could post at least once a week.  and i do still plan on that, but i have been super busy at work and i have been worn out from it.  today i am going to be relaxing at home and nursing a couple cups of tea and hopefully getting rid of this soar throat and achy body of mine.

i do want to thank everyone of you who have commented and liked posts. thank you for sharing with me, thank you for being honest, and most of all thank you for your support.  it is scary opening up and discussing about such personal things to the world and i am grateful for all of your kindness and love.   a way for me to release and heal is through writing, telling my truth as i see it and then letting it go.  i have always done that since i was a child. i always had a diary, journal or just a notebook that i would write in and now i share all of that on here with you and its nice to know i am not going through it alone entirely. that there are others who have gone through something similar and have found a path of healing as well.  so thank you for the comments.  i hope to get to know some of you as well through your blogs, through comments and i hope as well through email.

i wish you all a wonderful weekend and happy holidays to you.  if you are in utah you should diffidently hit up the slopes somewhere, we got some pretty good powder yesterday.  i would be out there now but you know i am kinda sick today so i should rest and be at my best for the coming weekend rush and holiday rush.


with love,


p.s. sorry for no pictures today.

I love comments! Especially Yours!

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