Happy 2014 to You and Me!



  Happy New Year to You All!

Can I tell you how excited I am for 2014?  I mean I woke up this morning after only a good 4 hours of sleep excited and wide awake just thinking about all of the amazing things that are bound to happen this year.  I know good things will come if only because I believe that they will.  I have been feeling very good about where I am at right now in this stage of my life of rebuilding and creating myself.  I am not seeking for myself in 2014 because I have already found me, I did it the hard way but sometimes the most precious of things are pressurized to the max to make them come out smooth and shiny.  I feel like that is what 2013 did or it was possibly the highest of the pressurization process for me.


I went out for New Years Eve, I celebrated the end of the year and danced in the New Year.  I almost cried as we all cheered in 2014 and toasted our champagne. I was so elated for, I feel, it to all be over with.  And I am looking forward with open arms and an open heart to what 2014 has to offer me.   I dream of traveling this year, creativity flowing through me, writing, writing, and more writing and oh yeah being in love with life.  We only have this life to live in this body so why not enjoy it to its fullest.  There really is beauty in everything around us.  I hope that you can feel it for your self as well put the energy out there for what you want and how you want to feel and then feel it all.   I will have more to post in the next coming days, I will of course have my resolutions post and well who knows what else.  

with love,


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