the day we fought a mountain lion…..

IMG_0179jan. 14, 2014

   We lost one of our own today who worked on the mountain.  he worked in my department and in the same lodge with me, we worked almost everyday together.   it will be strange not seeing him back behind the counter anymore cooking, talking with the customers, or *joking about the time he fought a mountain lion and won.   we all liked him and enjoyed him working with us. he was calm and could handle the stress of the kitchen, he would tease me sometimes or most of the time when he would be cooking my food and pretend like he was going to put beef or chicken on my salad or on my sandwich that always made me laugh and then we would talk about how he used to be a vegetarian as well.  i am deeply saddened for his family, his girlfriend, and those he was closet to at work and outside of work.  remember please that for whatever reason, please please don’t blame yourself.  its always sad when the young die and out of something so random and for what we think that is so normal.  it won’t be the same with out him at work now.  there will always be something, someone missing and i and the others will feel it.

   There was a really bad avalanche on the mountain today, a man lost his life because of it.  he and another skier where skiing in the out of bounds area which caused it.  i only heard about it when i got back to base.  i didn’t hear much about it, but that they are holding off  on looking for him.  the search and rescue team where afraid that more avalanches would start due to the search.  the weather has been a bit warm since our storm this last weekend, there’s not much that they could do.  i pray that his family is comforted and can find some peace through all of this.

   We must remember that life is precious and short.  we should live our lives more meaningful and with purpose.  some sort of purpose that brings each and everyone of us joy and a deep sense of happiness.  we don’t have to search or seek out happiness but to open our eyes to it, which it is all around us. but we humans have forgotten and we now waste our lives away. we think that happiness is in the material goods what others are doing or what they have.  we have gotten away from being truly connected to the whole.  we have stopped caring about one another and living our lives for our true individual purpose because we seek to make the ego happy rather than our true inner selves.  if there is anything that i have learned this year and applied to my own life its this:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Even when our hearts our breaking and we see no way out of our own messes we can still be happy. we can still find joy, have peace, see beauty, and to love. you have to truly search within yourself and let go of all that will not serve you, forgot about the past, and stop living for the future. you have to live in the very moment. whatever is happening you have to be in it…Now. it is such a powerful thing when you realize that and it truly works and it truly brings happiness, if not a sense of peace at first.

  So smile more, laugh a ton, say hello, name something or someone you are grateful for, think of others and love yourself.  and that is how we can live to the fullest everyday.

with love,


    *over the holidays he had a bad accident that took him out of work for a few days and when he came back we convinced him to tell people when they asked “what happened” to him that he fought a mountain lion and won.  people didn’t know what to think and he would say it so seriously that they would almost believe him. then he would shrug, smile and go back to whatever he was cooking.  i would start laughing whenever i would hear him telling people that. it always made my day.  we all knew the real story but sometimes making bad accident sound even better than what it was is just plain better.

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