Dancing video and a letter

dear c.jane,

i really hope that you post your dancing vlog, not for me or for all of your readers but for yourself.  i love reading your blog and watching your vlogs when you post them, i especially enjoy when your not taking yourself so seriously. i enjoy watching those moments in others when they forget about what others might be thinking about them or if they are doing something wrong or right, but there is a moment that we can see in others when we are really looking and its that moment when they are really living life.  when they are living for themselves, and in that moment they are the most joyful, peaceful and content in themselves. its in those times when we laugh the loudest, when we smile from ear to ear and when you just don’t give a damn about what others might think. in that moment you are being you!

when we are purging out our past emotions, letting go of our fears, learning to love ourselves and others we tend to take ourselves to seriously. its a tiring thing bettering ourselves, finding that new enlightenment in ourselves and spirituality that at times we forget that we need balance. we need to laugh at ourselves, we need to smile, we need to just be ridiculous sometimes and do things for ourselves.  sometimes we just really need to play.  so i and many others want to see you play, but do it for yourself.

and of course here is my dance video….. p.s i was also the only one in the restaurant dancing as well. it doesn’t matter i had a blast. 🙂

with love, jess.

p.s. i know that earlier this week i posted about an avalanche that happened and i thought that there might be someone missing, there isn’t. the avalanche was caused by a skier but they where able to get out of danger.

have a great weekend everyone. i am looking for my girls day trip. 🙂

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