non-january blues

well here we are sitting here with the last day of the month. i am pleased with january and what it has done for me.  i learned to be playful, go with the flow, and go a little deeper into spirituality or more in search of it a little more.  i asked at the beginning of the month that i be busy and to be able to go on a date at least once a week. well i have been busy, but i should have been a little more clear and focused that i wanted to have at least one date with at least one man but instead the next best thing is going out with your best friend and well i think that was just what i needed.  so has we end the last of the first of the month lets just load the rest of this post with pictures mainly of my self.  this is no way narcissistic…;)


a new ritual we have at work….every morning when i am there, we do yoga.


i get two days a week that i can ski for work and i love seeing the morning sun and getting a few moments of just me time.


i got to try out the movie grille this month and you should diffidently put it on your to do list next month if you haven’t already.

just don’t be creepy like me and tell someone you are going to facebook stalk them. or maybe you should…… 🙂


had a spontaneous trip to park city for dinner one sunday night. i enjoyed being the only one overly dressed while everyone else was in ski gear.


a girls night with some of my favorites from work. and yes we were making love to the pizza. not a shamed at all.


got to go see ‘best of fest’ right here in good ol’ O-town at the Egyptian Theater.


and one last of me trying to look like i am intellectual by wearing glasses, while at work. yes somedays you just have to take random pictures at work.

with love,


p.s. please don’t say anything about the eyebrows, i know. they are sexy……!? What, now.?

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