my very romantic valentines….

i know that we think of valentines for lovers, but it really doesn’t have to be. not really. what if we just celebrated all types of love.

love for ourselves, love for our friends, love for our family, love for life? what then would happen?

photo (2)

friday morning i woke up thinking about making pancakes and then my bestfriend texted “lets go get breakfast and coffee.”

and i jumped up and was ready in 15.

it truly was the best way to spend my late morning on valentines.  having breakfast with my bestfriend on our favorite street,

talking about everything that we want to see happen in the next couple months.

figuring out how we are going to get ourselves to peru.  talking about boys and dating, you know the logistics of it,

how valentines is just a made up holiday by hallmark and the government. (thank you hallmark),  and a lot of back story to it.

and then what our plans where for the day.

i sat there in my booth listening to her as she talked, my head was swarming and it hit me,

this is what i have always wanted and what has been happening,

weekly breakfast with my best friend catching up on our week and the coming week.

i felt a lot of love for my life and where i am at and how far i have come.

it felt good sitting there in the diner and knowing that good things are coming for me.

because they are already happening for me.

i went home afterwords, did some yoga and meditation.

i focused myself and reminded myself of who i am now.

and that i finally know what i want out of this life.

i reminded myself that its okay to love myself,

its okay to allow love in when it comes,

and its okay to let go when it is time,

when i am ready.

and that its okay to still love and to remember.

but not so much to where it makes you sad.

and then i made my grocery list for ingredients to make the pies i was looking forward to making for a week.

i came home, turned on mo-town, got out my ingredients, and danced as i baked.

and i fell in love all over again for the second time that day.

i enjoyed myself and the ease that i felt in my femininity,

and how much i enjoy to bake and cook when i am feeling love and romantic.

i have a soft spot for romance,

i really am a romantic at heart, i just enjoy keeping it to myself.

i enjoy the everyday romance. the romance of fully enjoying life.

the beautiful things that are all around us.

photo (3)

and i realized i lead a very romantic life,

and that was my valentines this year.

with love,


*we had breakfast at two-bitstreet, they also serve a very delicious vegan breakfast. you should ask about it.  if you are ever in ogden, utah you should go.

* the pies i made were vegan. made with bourbon, chocolate, and pecans.

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