Happening around here……


oh what has been happening?

i will tell you a lot of cooking and baking.

i have been using a lot of my how it all vegan cookbook (find here)

i love this cookbook, they are really simple and easy recipes. i am in and out of the kitchen quickly and i have delicious meals

and well i have been using it a lot for the dessert section…..(guilty smile)

and of course while i have been baking in the kitchen i have been wearing an adorable new apron that i got from etsy.

you can find one similar here.  

i of course am sharing this because i love my apron, its good quality, simple, looks great on and of course keeps my clothes clean

all while i am baking it up for myself and my roommates.

i am not much for all the frilly aprons, i want something that gets to the point but also has some charm to it.

this one does it for me. also its made in turkey, i love that.

i also got myself a new job and have been training the last week and learning and studying my new job and those i will be working with.

its a local utah restaurant and there are only three locations.

they serve beer and irish comfort food.

its a good mix.

i am hoping that this new job will give me the opportunity that i need to save extra money,

have more time for my blog, and to get out and support the local community.

it is a transition but it is much needed. i need to grow as a writer and put myself out there more

in my community, find more opportunities to serve and learn.

so until my next great adventure i will be there serving up local beer and local food with an irish twist.

do you care to join?

you can stop on by mccool’s if you are ever in town.

with love,


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