oh mr. darcy!

dear mr. darcy, oh how you have been in my company this last week and each day i esteem, admire you even more than the day before. i wonder how that could be, oh how the stars are in our favor it seems. i also wanted to be blunt and say that if things don’t work out for you and ms. bennett i am here. you can’t miss me, i am the one in sweatpants, a t-shirt, and lying on a couch patiently waiting for you to grab the stubborn ms. bennett and to kiss that foolish woman already.   i mean if you are going to argue with her and she to you the least you could do for all of us lonely, single women is to grab her and then kiss her passionately and then you know storm off back into the rain, with those cool blue eyes, dark/medium soaked hair of yours, with your riding coat flapping in the wind behind you.  (sigh)  so if you are not going to do this then the least you could do is just somehow magically transform out of my t.v. and into my living room. i of course will give you a good argument of some sort, its not gentlemanly and how you would be the last man alive i could ever marry, but after all that then you know whats you said something about my clothes being demeaning and then moving close to my face and i will kiss you.  oh ms. austin has done such a number on you, she has made you into the dream man that every women around the world over will fall in love with and no boyfriend, husband, companion could ever live up too.  she and you have made it irrevocably impossible for our conceived thoughts of what romance is or aught to be.  i can not pretend that i do not from time to time dream up ideas of you walking directly towards me in the early morning fog as it is lifting up off of a meadow and you looking so disheveled from a restless nights sleep. but please do me the great honer that when you do that you need not to speak, i already know what you are thinking and what you wish to tell me, no all i need you to do is to grab me in your arms look into my soul and then kiss me as if i alone am the only one that can and will ever hold your heart.

with all my love

your truly,

ms. h.



p.s. yes my dear friends i am at a new level of what can only be giving up these days. when i am not at work, studding the menu’s i am watching and re-watching pride and prejudice.  i have the 6 hour long bbc adaption and then also the short hollywood version and they both have been on replay in the dvd player.  i could certainly use a life of my own but i suppose the best place to go for some good romance is to turn to ms. austin.  and since i have no time truly to read, the movies do just as well too.  any hoo which adaption is your favorite?

One thought on “oh mr. darcy!

  1. Sometimes we need the romance that others have imagined to make up for the lack in our own life. Sometimes we also need it so that we can enjoy in their success, while we are also succeeding in our romantic life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could write as eloquently and as imaginatively as some of the great writers? We could use our own experiences and live in our own imaginations, rather than our interpretations of others’ imaginations.

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