April Goals…..

do you feel that? that fresh, clear new feeling growing right there in the center of your plexus.  its telling you its your spring, its reminding you of fresh starts and a clean slate.  its reminding you of bright colors, warm breezes and cool nights.  the way the sun beams hit your face as you’re sitting, laying in the grass and you are thinking of nothing, eyes closed and relaxed. you are utterly at peace, inner peace.

ah! april, you have a way with me. possibly because it isn’t march anymore.

i took the weekend after writing and publishing my last post to make some goals for myself within the next month.  i can’t let it keep going the way it has. i need to change my focus, change my energy levels.  be balanced and centered again.

the only way i am going to get what i want is if i am making it known and putting it out there, if i actually put some actions into my thoughts.  so april it is. the redefining month.

i am looking for inspiration, imagination, motivation, a challenge, creativity, something new.

so here are my april goals:

1. post on blog 5 days a week.

2. one application a day.

3. hike 2 times a week.

4. yoga 5 times a week.

5. meditate 5 mins a day.

6. write 2 guest post for indie ogden.

7. read 2 books.

8. start planning a trip.


i wrote down on the back of small flyer blog topics for the month of april at work.

there will be posts on dating, recipes, a few style pieces, and one on the local ogden flavor.  i enjoy this town and it has a lot to offer.  i have some big plans for this blog of mine and its never going to happen if i don’t start putting more time and writing into it.  so i hope that you will be along for the ride and please email and comment on the posts, if there is something you would like me to write about, or just to make sure that i am keeping to my goals.

 my first book that i plan on reading this month is Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho.  i plan on starting this book this week. if you would like to join me in reading please do.  I can also do a post of this in the middle of the month as well.

well its a new day, a new month which means i have a few things to get started on. looks like my day is starting to fill up.

so i am just going to say that this is the first post of my challenge. 23 more to go.


so do you make monthly goals?

would you like a friend to help keep you on task, encourage, keep you to your word?

if so, i would love to be that friend, heck why not help one another with our goals.

you can email me at jessica (.) raye (.) hall (.) at gmail (.) com


with love,



3 thoughts on “April Goals…..

  1. I see. Start a new goal on April 1, then if you don’t follow through with it, you can claim it was just a joke. You have such a great determination, you will definitely get things going. A change of month is sometimes all you need. Then again, sometimes it fools you… 😉

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