the mystery of the neighbor……

its a peaceful evening and a good way to end the weekend.  dinner is in the oven,  my big band playlist playing in the kitchen, neighbors out grilling and working on their gardens.  sir charles is snoozing by the back door and every once in awhile gazes up when he hears another dog outside.  and i am sitting here wondering about the mystery that i like to call my neighbor.

he’s mysterious and it intrigues me.  so usually at the end of every evening i sit with my tea and i ponder about what he does for a living, what he watches, and why no one ever see’s him in the middle of the day.   he reminds me of the character on hey arnold with the boarder who you never saw but just mysteriously snuck in and out.   he’s a handsome man and it makes me wonder even more.  and sometimes i get lucky and i get a glimpse, i call them sighting’s of the mystery.

sometimes there is a dog at his place on the weekends. i know this because i will see her when i let sir charles out.  she is a lovely dog and a very loving one. and she and charles gets a long well.  and sometimes the dog will come and put her nose on the back door window.  but through the week the leash stays empty, so she is only around on the weekend.

after several months, i figured out which car was his.  i like a good puzzle.  i found out the rest of the neighbors cars and then his was left.  he usually doesn’t park it in his drive.  but i notice when it is gone, always at the most peculiar of times.  i never see any other car or anyone coming in and out of his place. so he seems to be some sort of recluse, or possibly a jig-a-low on the low down or something.

i certainly wouldn’t want to make any conclusions to him, i mean that would take away all the fun of the puzzle.  but it is certainly entertaining for me to imagine what his life is.

with love,


2 thoughts on “the mystery of the neighbor……

  1. He is definitely a male gigolo. Although, I wouldn’t put it past him if he is from another galaxy, and he is studying the mating habits of dogs. After all, dogs are the main source of nutrition on his planet, and dogs are almost extinct now, so he needs to find a way to replenish the supply!

    Next time you see him, try to talk to him. He will confirm my theory, then Mr. Charles and Ms. Puppy can help his planet.. and.. um… oh my… Forget that image…

    Really, though, this guy has caught your eye, so, go ahead and talk to him. If nothing else, you get a conversation with a handsome guy, instead of a lucky glimpse. You crack me up.

    • Your comment cracked me up and I am laughing hysterically right now from that.
      My roommate tells me I should bake cookies to take over to him to find out. I will certainly do a follow up post to confirm yours and mine suspicions of him.

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