recipe…..spaghetti squash roast.


well happy monday to you all!  it is a beautiful day and i am throughly looking forward to enjoying the sunshine and warm weather that utah has in store for us today.  but before i get there i thought i would entertain the idea of a recipe from yours truly.  monday has been loveling dedicated to being meatless monday, but being me i like to step it up a notch and call it vegan monday.  i can hear you all moaning and groaning in detest, but i would like to say something……




1  spaghetti squash, medium size

2 medium sweet potatoes

4 carrots

trader joe’s sea salt


trader joe’s curry spice

1/4 cup water

olive oil

this recipe is done for 1-2 people.

turn oven at 375 to bake.   cut the squash in half, and then cut the half in half. gut all of the seeds out of the squash and once clean set in a baking dish.  take the extra half of your squash and store for later use.  rinse your sweet potatoes and then dice up into bite size chunks, set diced potatoes into dish.  take carrots, rinse off and then dice up in medium size chunks and set into pan.  pour your water into pan, drizzle evo over squash and vegetables, salt and pepper generously, and then sprinkle curry spice.  once oven has heated to 375 set pan into oven and let bake for 45-55 minutes or until squash is tender.


and whola! dinner is served. a no fuss healthy and filling dinner for one or two. if for one put rest away for leftovers and enjoy.  off of one meal like this i can generally get at least two other meals out of it, depending on if i am making for just me or for another.  i sometimes find it difficult to cook for just myself but if i share a meal with my roommates then i am more prone to cook and i am still able to get an extra meal out of it. this way i save time and money rather than going out and eating.  well i hope you enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for the other half of that squash….more recipes to come.

with love,


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