taxes, fish and chips…..


i waited till the very last possible moment i could to do my taxes and lets just say there was some intense feelings with that.  but it is over with for yet another year and we shall see if i have learned my lesson for waiting till the last moment and not going and getting any help to do it.   but i had no idea what i was doing, one day i will get it and maybe master it and i’m not really sure what else but what i am thinking sounds pretty good for midnight conversation but this just won’t do.  if you really want to know come over and bring a bottle of wine and we can discuss it all.

on other notes, i made a fabulous dinner tonight of fish and chips.  i have been craving it and so roommate 1 and i decided to get everything for it and make it at home.  we have an agreement that we share our meals and food, i cook and then she cleans the kitchen.  its amazing.  i eat, she eats, and when we are in a pickle we never have to worry about going hungry.  lets be honest it really benefits me.  i will post the recipe on thursday. deadlines, deadlines.  its the only way i can possibly work i think.

i have a new job as of saturday. i am already enjoying it and feeling like it is going to work out tens times more for me right now. its a steak house western/cowboy theme so i think i have got this.  one of my all time favorite serving jobs was at a steak house when i lived up in roosevelt moons ago.  mostly i loved the people i worked with and for, it really does make a difference.  and working at this new place reminds me of that time, of course i try not to take my self to far back. i wouldn’t want to miss what is happening right now in the present. but it certainly is fun for me.

well i better get to sleep, i have a big day tomorrow. i have a rousing day of hiking and country dancing.  i am looking forward to connecting with nature and then letting my hair down and being twirled around. the life of a server.

with love,


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