Redo with Ideal Shape


dieting, losing weight, cleansing, getting fit, lifestyle change, how ever you want to look at or say it its pretty much all the same, it forces you to look at your eating habits and hopefully to change it for the better.  but it forces your subconscious to break down first.  i realized this last year when i dropped all that weight, first i am a binge eater and second a stress eater.  i did really well with maintaining my weight and staying active but then at the very end of February i had a job switch, which lead to financial  stress which lead to stress eating. So almost 3 months later and i lost count of how much bread i ate i am somewhere where i really don’t want to be at.

the last two weeks i have been trying to make a better effort with getting back to where i was at last summer and the winter months.  i had a ton of energy, positive attitude, and a anything can happen kind of spirit.  that woman, i love that woman. she is who i have always wanted to be, who i knew i was underneath all of the covers that i tend to hide myself under.   and i am still her, somedays. but she comes and goes.  it’s important that i am a better version of me, when i am the women from last summer, things happen and they happen quickly and she just rolls with it.  when things happen to the now me version i tend to want to hide from the world and not see the bigger picture.  i sleep way more than i can and only come up out of the covers long enough to ask for a slice or two of sunflower bread with extra butter.  and yes a slice of sunflower bread is certainly tasty but not when you over indulge yourself with it like i have.

last year i had someone tell me to make sure to remember to take care of myself.  she reminded me weekly to eat lots of dark greens and be sure to drink plenty of water.  she said it was paramount to do so, if i took care of my body my body would take care of me.  and it made things i think a lot easier for me. like i said before i had the energy i needed to get things done, to stay focused and to stay positive.  i had the clarity to look at everything even when i felt things weren’t in my favor.  i put myself in priority by eating healthy everyday, drinking plenty of water and staying active.

so i am deciding to take better care of myself, to once again pay attention to what i am eating and why i am eating.  i will be having the help of ideal shape to help me with using their meal replacement shake, supplement capsules, and meal replacement bars. 


 i signed up to review at my own desecration ideal shape’s products and was sent their meal replacement shake, hunger blocker capsules, and replacement bars. all opinions are my own.  


with love,




2 thoughts on “Redo with Ideal Shape

  1. Hey, Missy, where’d you go? I be missing postesses from you. I am sure you are keeping up on your goals for getting back to what you feel is your best. Remember- you don’t always have to be perfect, or even at your best. Sometimes it is okay to relax (that is also part of you).

    • Hello,
      yes i have been trying to get back to feeling more energized again and finding some balance. Thank you for commenting and checking back up with me. I know I didn’t do very well with April and posting everyday….April Fools! I have been trying to learn to relax and to just go wit the flow of things. I have certainly been learning these past few months that you just can’t always be perfect.

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