off to maryland…..


as of right now i am sitting in a hotel room in springfield, Illinois after getting a good full 8 hours of sleep caroline and i are fully rested for the last leg of our cross country trip to maryland.  we will be spending a full week there visiting her family and seeing her grandson graduate from high school.  we will also be spending some time in washington d.c. and then going to the beach for a day.  I am super excited about both of these.  Oh man all of the museums in d.c. i am hoping to spend at least two days there.

caroline asked me wednesday afternoon if i wanted to drive to maryland with her and we would be leaving within 24 hrs.  she would feel better having someone with her taking turns driving and i’m not really working right now so it gave me a good enough excuse to go.  she didn’t have to ask me twice at all. give me a good long road trip, through in some historical sites, and tell me we can go to the beach and well before you are even finished my bags are packed and i am jumping in the car.

i feel really good about this trip and am looking forward to everything that i will see and do and of course the people that i get to meet as well.  there really is something about just driving on the open road, seeing the country in a way you don’t normally get to.   and there is something about seeing so many stars in the night sky in the desert west.  its really beautiful, peaceful, quiet.

i am going to try and do my best with keeping everyone updated on the trip, taking lots of pictures, i also have a post about my trip to moab as well.  but if i don’t just know that i am having a blast and taking everything around me in.  i could just keep traveling for the rest of my life, there is so much to see, to do, and people to meet.  awwww

well you all have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful saturday.

with love,


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