Washington, D.C part 1

there is so much in d.c, i don’t know how you can do all of it even in a week.  i think its almost impossible, although i think that is for most cities that you go to. there is always so much rich history, culture galore that there really is never enough time to see it all. no matter how much you may try. but i did dip my toes in just a bit to get a feel for it today and tomorrow i go back again for even more.

my friends and i that i went with today went to two museums and one monument.  we checked out the natural history museum- oh man there is so much packed in there, the dinosaur exhibit is being renovated and won’t open back up until november. that really was a bit sad, but i suppose it just gives me something else to come back for.  then we went into the air and space museum. can i just say i geeked out a bit in there and i am going back tomorrow just for the observatory and planetarium.

we also headed up to the lincoln memorial on our way out. i have to say it brought a tear to my eye once i got to the top and saw lincoln statue sitting and looking over all and i hope reminding us all the sacrifices that have been made for our country.  well enough with my talk lets get to the pictures.





IMG_0646     this is the “Hope” diamond, it has been passed down since the early 1700’s to many royalties. was crafted in india and had a lore that it was cursed.












IMG_0641                             whenever you are at a fountain you must dip your toes in and throw in pennies for good luck and wishes..


also no trip to washington d.c. is complete with out georgetown cupcakes, if they have the peanut butter chocolate you must get that one.


look out for part two of d.c.

with love,


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