Washington, D.C. part 2


i went back to d.c. yesterday and of course had myself a blast walking the streets and museums by myself.  i don’t know about you but i really enjoy traveling alone.  i get to do and see what i want to and i am perfectly okay with getting lost and then finding myself around.  i find it an adventure and a bit exciting when i can take out my city map and then trying to locate myself on it and then figure out how to get where i want to be.  i also enjoy just walking around without a map and seeing where i end up at.  i did a little of both yesterday and of course taking pictures along the way.

i was dropped off at the metro station yesterday morning, bought myself a day pass and rode down all the way to the central metro in d.c.. at that location i was at prime spot to walk to the white house, through streets of office building, federal buildings, cafes, shops, museums, farmers markets, and down to the national mall, and up to federal hill.

i spoke very rarely and had many lapses of thought as i walked through, finding my way through the busy streets and people watching.  time escaped me and i neither thought of past, future, or current worries only of what i was doing right then.  i was living in the moment and enjoying every minute of it.  i am sure i looked ridiculous walking around by myself with a huge smile and every so often giggling to myself, carring a water bottle in one hand and a map of the city metro in the other, but you know what i don’t care i loved it.  and i would do it again in a heartbeat all over again.

now onto some pictures for you today…..











                            -bottom picture-

i have found my next perfect wedding gown 🙂







-bottom photograph-

national art museum, i believe my favorite one. i got to see a real Picasso people, i am still tearing up from that.










all pictures taken on my iphone s5 and owned by jessica hall of  mountains and desert blog.

with love,


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