Hurricane, Utah

Happy Independence Weekend everyone!  I took a last minute trip with my roommate to Hurricane, Utah to help her son finish up a house that he is painting down here.  And well I just decided what the hey, why not.

We took a much needed brake last night and went into St. George for the firework show.  I was very surprised when they had three areas lit up with fireworks, yep you heard that right, three, not one but three areas displaying fire crackers going off.  It made for a very dramatic ending.  I was also able to enjoy a yummy waffle slathered with strawberries and lemon custard on top. They had a waffle truck down there and I went and snuck me a waffle and frozen hot chocolate.  Utah! Do you hear me! I hope so, we need more food trucks! More waffle trucks would be great and grand too. Preferably if we had some up in Ogden. Great thanks. end.

I will post pictures eventually of last night.

well why I am down here I plan on going to one of the many singles wards down here and hopefully perhaps to the temple as well.  I also want to go tour some of the historical sites.  I never did that while I was living down here, for shame.  Hopefully as well I can find some good hiking spots to go to, if I can ever get up before the sun does.

Well that is an update for now, eventually, I am sure I will write something else a little more worth while, but please don’t hold your breath on that. ha!

until then, you all enjoy your long weekend of camping and bbqing and such.  if there is any pineapple save me a slice.

with love,


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