Manti Pageant….June 2014



in june i went down to the manti pageant with my *singles ward.  i had a great time making new connections with those in my ward and enjoying an evening of spirituality and of course with a ton of laughs thrown in for good measure.  i am enjoying my new ward and becoming formula with everyone and of course making friendships.

it feels a little different coming in to a *singles ward again after years of being in a family ward and of course being married. but i do find a lot of similarities with people, i suppose its kinda like high school, there is always one of every character in a ward and i think it gives it a good healthy dose of balance in there to even everything out.   i am just grateful that so many have welcomed me in and allowed me to tag along.  we all have our own stories of how we have become who we are and i always enjoy listening to everyones stories as well as telling my own.  i suppose it is therapeutic in a way and i suppose that is how the singles ward is to me.



with love,



* a singles ward is where the church throws all the singles from one area who have neglected to get married into one congregation in hopes that they will all eventually come to their senses and find their eternal companion. They have wards for the 18-30 year olds and then 31 and over.  They also provide plenty of snacks and activities to entice you to marry off.*

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