July 24th

there is something about a clear summer night with stars doting the sky and fireworks off in the distance with their booms and bangs and colorful display.  its this wonderful combination that brings magic and wonderment to my soul.   i ended my night as i watched the last of the fireworks go off in the distance just underneath mars.  i always look for mars and i sit out there and i stare at him and remember.  and then i asked because there is something about a new moon and celebration in the air where i remember what it is that i truly want more than anything from my heart and soul.  never forgetting of course to be thankful for what i do have and how each step is taking me closer and closer to where i truly feel i belong.

i celebrated this utah holiday today by volunteering with my city parade, then of course taking a nap, baking some chocolate chip cookies, visiting with my best-friend, and ending the evening with fireworks.

there is nothing more that says summer than a good ol’ fashioned fireworks show and small neighborhood ones going off throughout the night.  sometimes i wish for this feeling and time to stand still, but i know it must keep moving and flowing. and i know that when these feelings of bittersweet summer nights are upon me it means that something grand is about to explode just as the fireworks.   these magical evenings alone to reflect, dream, and move towards will soon end as i move into a new chapter of my life.  there is always a subtler shift that you feel right before the change happens and i feel it slowly moving in to prepare me.

i have truly enjoyed this time in my life, learning to heal, take care of myself, slow down, and to just enjoy life but i am ready for more movement and learning experiences.

i am ready to travel the world over

to become a great and gifted writer

a true lover

a loving wife

and a caring mother.


with love,


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