Pepsi #ReallyBigSummer



someone really big came into our little town of ogden, utah saturday via pepsi and downtown ogden city.  they came in last thursday with signs on 25th street and park benches, coolers, and umbrellas to announce they were coming and bringing a party with them.  it was great speculation about who would be performing.  it was so much fun with all the buzz going around and especially with all the energy it brought to our corner of utah.  i think there are many of us in this wonderful town of ours who are hoping this will not be the last that we see of so much excitement and drive for the city.




we had to wait all the way until the very last float to see who would be performing that night on stage on 25th.  the last float stopped right in the middle of 25th downtown and i ran all the way up to see who it was and to hear the announcers. (one small little thing, the mic’s where not very loud and many people could not hear what the mayor and karen had said, but other than that it was good.) I mean honestly i just wanted to take pictures once i found out it was phillip phillips.  there was a break between the parade and concert so i headed out with kelsey and to go pick up another friend of ours.

i think my favorite part was all of his facial expressions and how into he was to being up there singing and playing his guitar.  i haven’t watched american idol in a long time but i had heard of phillip phillips before he showed up in our town.  i mean if you listen to the radio at all you have heard of home and gone,gone,gone. he played many of his other stuff as well and i was so entranced with it all.  his voice and charisma are very spot on for me.  he certainly sounds a lot like dave mathews, but he certainly has his own twist on his voice.  there is one song he played in particular that i love, i don’t remember the name of it, but its a new one.  so i suppose i will just have to wait until it is finally released.







i love music, good music. i love the way it can move through you, make you feel, move your body and get out of yourself.  i love that it can tell a story, i love it when music speaks to me and the energy that it brings especially good energy. there is nothing better than standing in a middle of the crowd, close your eyes and to just feel it as it moves your body.

well thats all for now, i hope now you will spend the rest of your thursday youtubing, and pandoring on to phillip phillips.

with love,



p.s. a big thanks to pepsi and ogden city for what they put on for us locals and for thinking of us.  i hope that with this there will be plenty more opportunities for this city of ours.

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