weekend recap

well it is thursday all ready and i have realized that i have not posted anything so far.  all i can say is that this week has gotten away from me and i have been busy spending time with friends.  that and i realize i am unorganized, thats okay one of these days i will start scheduling out my time for important things….ahem this blog of mine.


this past weekend salt lake city held a big diy festival (craft lake city) hosted by harmons (a local grocery store). i went down on friday night with friends and browsed around all the local craft boutiques.  i didn’t buy anything but i did get a few business cards for those that i really liked, so that in time i can find them again.   if you didn’t go this year you shouldn’t put it on your calendar for next year. block out a couple hours to browse around the booths, then listen to all the local music, and of course take some time for the yummy food trucks and stands.  everything is all worth it just for the food. image (5)


image (3)



saturday and sunday were spent at the local watering hole that we like to call pineview in huntsville, utah.  it was great to be able to get out, relax and play in the sun.  its also a great way to cool yourself down in the heat.  there were a couple things that i did learn though from this experience.

1. charlie knows how to swim.

2. charlie really doesn’t like to swim.

3. charlie doesn’t like it when i go out in the middle of the lake in a kayak.






saturday evening after the beach, kels and i went and picked up a few things for her to make lotion to try out. we watched a rom-com and then went and meditated under the supermoon.  what a refresh.  sunday we met up with even more friends and doggies and played and swam in the lake and after words we had a big bbq with everyone and was able to fill up on tons of veggies and lots of conversations until some of us passed out from exhaustion of the weekend.  this weekend was a great time with friends, new friends and close friends.  it renewed me, helped me to relax and to refocus and not to worry.  i always enjoy those types of weekends or days.

have a happy thursday.

with love,


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