feminism to me….


feminism everyone seem to have their own opinions of what it is, should be, and what it was and you know that’s fine for me, i believe that is the essence of what it is.  to allow us to think and make changes with what is working and what isn’t working.  for myself i have always in one way or the other identified as a feminist, how could i not growing up in a single parent home for most of my life and that single parent being my mother.  for me i saw the inequalities first hand and experiencing it as a child trying to grasp onto how this world worked.  it was watching carefully the dynamics of each marriage my mother was in and how they didn’t work the brutality when they didn’t get their way and the pain when they each left leaving nothing behind but destruction and chaos.


as i came into my teenage years it was realizing i could be anything i wanted to be.  it was learning about the beginning efforts of my foremothers how they fought, lost and won for me and themselves. it was realizing their sacrifices to make the world a better and safer place. understanding only a little of what it provided me then.  It was acknowledging and accepting the advantages and disadvantages in life.  it was about hoping and wanting better and imagining what that would look like and what I could do.  It was about progressing, failing and learning in my small scope of the world.


as i became a young adult and then married feminism was left with my young childhood ambitions as I navigated my new world.  As I tried to find my place with what was expected I tried hard to let go and accept my new responsibilities.  And then it was seeing and feeling feminism in a whole new light as I came back.  It wasn’t just something for just me or those in this place but that it was global, it became more than just about jobs and paychecks and fathers who left. It was about young girls kidnapped and raped, married off and sold as if they were objects.  It was about women who had no education and no way to feed themselves or their children.  It was about basic necessities that I take for granted that so many go without.

now it’s about choice, my choice. It’s about seeing the inequalities and speaking up.  It’s about social injustices nationally and internationally.  It’s the way I view myself in spirituality, nature and God.  Its in constant change as I experience and grow as a person and in womanhood.  Accepting my charge and fighting for change as those before me and with those today.  

I love comments! Especially Yours!

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