Thanksgiving Grateful List

happy thanksgiving!  i kinda really love this holiday it has really everything that you truly need: food, family, generosity, and thankfulness.   it’s a great time to reflect and give thanks to those who have been there and helped you, and then to think about how you can give of yourself to those you love and to those you don’t know.  and as such i have been reflecting on what i am thankful for this year.  did you know that being a thankful person will make you a healthier person which then makes you a happier person?  there is studies on this and here  and here .

for myself i have been working on this the last two years whenever i am feeling sad, let down, depressed or things just don’t seem to be working out i start listing everything that i am grateful for. and after a week or two of doing this everyday i have a much better and healthier outlook.   i also try to make it a habit even when i am not feeling so down either.  a few things that i do or have done is to write everything that i am grateful for in a journal, notebook, scrape paper, i list things off in my mind as i am doing chores, in the morning before i even get out of bed i go over who and what i am thankful for and then say i am thankful for those things i haven’t received yet and i let someone know how grateful i am to them.

so with out further ado:

1. music –

i enjoy all sorts of music, i have a station on pandora for every mood i want to feel or am feeling.  every sunday it is on my jazz station with ella and louie.  i enjoy the romance and playfulness of the songs.

2. work-

i have had a lot of crappy jobs this year but i am finally working somewhere where i enjoy getting up to go to work and to be at.  those crappy jobs taught me many things a few on myself, what i wanted and also what i didn’t want as well.  there is something about staying busy and doing something, anything that is really good for the soul and body.  and i realize that even more now. i am just so grateful that i am working again and with people i enjoy being around.

3. home –

i have a warm place to come home to every day, it’s clean, comfortable and affordable.  i may have to share but i realize how things could be at any moment and i am grateful everyday for such a lovely place to live at.

4. best-friends –

i would be bragging and i am going to brag a bit, i have seriously the best friend in possibly the history of best friends.  i have a hand full of best friends which two of them are my cousins so the one who isn’t technically family is my family to me.  if you have ever watched grey’s anatomy she is my person and you will understand what that means.

5. my mom –

i could write a whole post and novel on my mother and possibly still might not do justice for what she has done, does, and our relationship.  she has put up with a lot from all of her children and sadly including me.  but she doesn’t give up on any of us, she may question our actions but she has always given us the space we have needed to figure things out for ourselves.

6. my roommate –

ah, i have to say i have lucked out with an amazing roommate.  i don’t know that i can say the same for her but with living with anyone there is always work in progresses.   sometimes its like being around my grandma again, sometimes she is like a mother, and most of the times she is just a good friend to me.  i have even gotten to go to maryland and down to st. george with her this summer and those trips have meant everything to me.

7. charles –

oh my prince charles! my little bundle of a furr ball. there has been many of times i haven’t wanted to get out of bed and he makes me literally get out of bed.  he is the best little cuddlier and makes me laugh with his funny little doggy personality.  i love having him in my life he is my little fur child, he is certainly my little boy.

8. my ward family –

i am so grateful to my ward, from my relief society president to my bishop and bishopric councilors and then to so many i have befriended through this past year.  getting to know them, being helped by them, and learning and growing from all of them.

9. new borns and babies –

there is nothing like a new born wrapped up in their blanket, sleeping and being held in your arms as you are rocking them to sleep, plus that new born smell.  its heaven in a little tiny person.

10. a healthy body

i am grateful that i have a healthy body, that my mind is functional, and i have all of my body parts in proper place and in working order.  there are so many who are not so lucky and every day i am grateful that i am. and as such i do everything i can to keep it as healthy and fit as i can be. i also let my body know how grateful i am for it as well.


well i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving this year with your family, your loved ones or who ever it is you will be spending this holiday with.

be grateful in all things!


with love,



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