Hello 2015!

well it’s 2015 all ready, how time sure does fly as we get older and busy ourselves with all of our ordinary and mundane life. don’t get me wrong i enjoy my mundane and ordinary life i find beauty, value and adventure in it. it’s the little small surprises that pop up out of nowhere that do it for me. the good, the bad, the ugly and the completely insanely humane way of life. 2014 was an okay year for me, it was unexpectedly different than what i had hoped for at the beginning of the year. there was some fun and laughs, heartaches and growth pains and so many jobs and no jobs. but i am here in 2015 all the better for it and you know what it got me right where i need to be, a place i didn’t see my self being in a year ago and i am perfectly okay and happy with that. it’s better than i could have really wished for.

i don’t know what this year is going to bring for me or any of us really. i do love how at the beginning of the year it does feels like a breadth of fresh air and we can do anything out there. we set goals for ourselves to change how we live, how we eat, whether we exercise, sometime we challenge ourselves to do something we have never done. we make resolutions to learn something new, to quit something or move somewhere. and it’s great, really great. the motivation is all there and we plan it out we talk it all up until a month in and then life starts happening and we start forgetting those resolutions. i’m not saying that it is bad or anything, i just see it as a part of life. it get’s everyone excited and something to try and do. as for myself i don’t really do resolutions anymore. i’m not the greatest at strategizing and setting realistic expectations for myself and at some point i would give up, get upset with myself and start comparing myself to everyone else. it’s not that i don’t set goals for myself, i do. i suppose i just know that life happens and to allow myself some freedom to just roll with what ever is happening. usually i end up doing something way different and possibly better for myself. i suppose life has a way of giving us what we are needing no matter what we just aren’t necessarily looking for it because we are turned around looking somewhere else. so with that, since haven’t made any resolutions i started thinking about what i do hope this year will bring to me, hopefully it will make me a better me: a stronger, kinder, genuine, and an independent me. so a few thoughts on what i am hoping for this year:

* to be intellectually stimulated, to learn new ideas, concepts and to understand and be a sponge of knowledge.

* to make the bonds in my relationships stronger and to have a deeper connection with each one.

* to make new friends and acquaintances

* to be pushed a little out of my comfort zone, try something new, do something new, go somewhere new.

* to love deeper than i have before. i don’t necessarily mean falling in love but that i have an untapped depth to love, to love deeply and care deeply for those i know and don’t know. to allow it to propel me to do impossible things.

* to dance more and to dance like no one is watching.

* to tap into my creativity side and that it will flow thru and out of me.

and the last thing,

* that no matter what happens within 2015 planned and unplanned that it will remind me to go with the flow, to remember to live within the moment and that i will enjoy every step forward and those steps backs. to remember that i am always really moving forward.

so there we have it! what are you hoping for this year?

with love,

I love comments! Especially Yours!

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