Mid-week date outfit

so i know i have never done a fashion or any kind of a style post but i thought it would be something fun to bring to the blog every so often.  i have always enjoyed fashion, clothing and those special pieces to bring it all together.   my style changes and flows mostly from day to day.  i do find that as i get older, i want more quality pieces rather than the quantity. i don’t generally go with the fad i am more of the classic, what is going to hold up the longest and still look nice through out the many seasons.

i also want to highlight the boutiques that i shop at, i get asked a bit about where i have gotten something and i want to share that with even more people and hopefully draw more people to shop local.   i try myself try to shop at more local stores or to do swaps with others when it comes to my clothing.

so onto the date,

so today i had a last minute date that was scheduled in yesterday. that seems to be a trend with me, my social calendar is very sporadic, i tend to spend time with one person, once a week and i mean only one person per week. so it is either a friend, family or roommate. my life is mostly school, work, and charlie it’s hard to jungle any more than that right now. so every few months i get lucky and i can squeeze in a date.  it’s also my spring break.

IMG_1670 i met my date at the frontrunner, it’s not the the real old fashioned train but it still has an affect when picking up and dropping off.   we had dinner down on historic 25th street at Rovali’s Ristorante Italiano.    i generally always get their eggplant and then ask for their vegetarian sauce for it.  their minestrone soup is also very yummy and vegetarian as well.  after dinner we walked around downtown and i showed him a little bit of it.   we didn’t have much time, just a few short hours to catch up and see a little bit.  i have to say for dating, ogden has a lot of things to offer for activities.  i have kinda been a bit bad in the past to say how there isn’t a whole lot to do in utah for dating besides movie and dinner but as we walked around i starting noticing a few more things that would be fun for a date.  it really just all depends on how much time you have and how much you are wanting to spend. but i started getting some fun ideas for some potential dates, i hope.


anyways, on to my outfit.  so before i went on the date i had been needing to buy a new pair of jeans so i had about 40 minutes to go and find me something.  i headed over to ume boutique down on historic 25th. the ladies in the shop have always been so kind and helpful to me whenever i go in to find something.  they are also fun, i love going in and chatting it up with them.  this to me is priceless something that i don’t get when i am in a department store.  it’s like making friends or at least i am able to get to know a little something about someone else.  and i see them out and about or when they come into the cafe where i work at.  it brings a whole different element when i am shopping that i like and look for.  they helped me to quickly find something comfortable and fitting for me and had me heading off for my date.  ladies, thank you so much again.

IMG_1672  outfit….

faux leather jacket (bought in november)- umi boutique

black 3/4 length shirt – t.max couple years ago.

jeans (new)- umi boutique

flats (new)- ross

well thanks for joining me for my first outfit post.  sorry about the quality of the pictures, i will work on getting that fixed out. please let me know what you think?

with love,


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