Drive through bird refuge


earlier in the week carolyn and i drove up to bear river to drive thru the bird refuge there.  i never knew about this place until last summer when we had driven thru for the first time.  there isn’t a lot of people that i have ever seen there, although both times we went were in the evening.   its always nice to get out in nature and to notice it all.  admiring as the birds just gracefully flying in the sky, and watching as the ducks crossing across your path, the long grasses in the waterway, the mountains that seem to have been painted in the distance.


every time that we have gone i sometimes feel transported back to the time i was living in california on the coast. i close my eyes and can just stand there and take in all of my other senses.  the salt in the air, listening to the chatter of the birds, and the light breeze.  it reminds me of the coast, if the mountains weren’t there it would almost remind me of the east coast just a bit.  i always end off leaving with the longing of the coastal life.  until then i will just keep going back to the bird refuge to get the feel of it.


i also have to say that there is such a beauty there that i always imagine lovely family pictures.  you have the mountains on both sides at the distance, then you have the waterway and all the grasses and so many birds to keep you charmed and to bring in an element i haven’t seen in many photographs out here. although maybe i should have kept it as a little secret for myself.  anyways, on to the pictures:






if you get a chance, head out for an afternoon and make sure to take your binoculars and possibly a bird encyclopedia to help you spot the different birds out there.

With love,


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