talking about Human Trafficking……

i’ve got about an hour before i start getting ready for school this morning.  i finally just finished my power point for my presentation for class just a few minutes ago.  this is pretty typical of me, i have never said i was very good at school just that i really enjoy my classes and learning.   hopefully my presentation will go well this morning but i’m not really going to hold my breath on that one.  i haven’t really practiced and let’s be truthful here i am not the best of speakers, this is probably why i should practice before i do go and present.

anyways, i decided at last minute that i was going to speak on human trafficking.  not really sure why but for the fact is was the only idea that seemed interesting to me and one that i have done a small bit of reading on before. i figured it would be a bit easier for me to talk on since i new a little of the topic.  we shall see if that is true.



you know what is truly interesting about human trafficking?  it is so hard to fully document numbers. you have to estimate how many victims there are out there.  human trafficking is an underground network that is worked with small and large scale criminals and many times being done right in front of us.  most of it is done in poverty stricken countries where war and famine are the norm.  families selling their children, mostly young girls to older men to be used for sex. which sex trafficking is the one that is talked about the most when it comes to human trafficking.  but there is also the other side where poverty stricken people are promised lucrative jobs elsewhere for a small fee to be sent and housed and then when they get there, if they do, then are put up with in small dirty area with many others and then taxed a heavy fee so that way they don’t think they can leave, and then abused until they have no will power in them that and drugged heavily to where they become dependent and forced to stay in a less than desirable place just to be used for their cheap labor.

which by the way, did you realize this is why we as americans have such cheap items.  this is the very reason!  we are a part of this mess even being on the other side of the world.  

and the u.s. of a is of course included in all of this.  we are a big transit and destination area for human trafficking.  surprising enough it is easy to pass human cargo through our port entries areas.  think new york, california, florida, and other border states.  easily passed on cargo ships, trucks, and airplanes.  California has the highest rate of sex trafficking through child exploitation, due to the foster care system and runaway teens who are easily forced into prostitution on the streets or underground brothels.

it’s estimated that there are between 21 million and 30 million victims of human trafficking, this includes: men, women, and children of all ages.  in many countries slavery is passed down through generation. women who are prostitutes will then put their own daughters out by the time they are 12 themselves and then there are those who are household slaves who are passed from family and bough and sold as a possession.  it is staggering how this is still going on in our day and how there are so many more there are in an act against a simple civil act.  and it is all in the name of money, which is about $150 billion a year in illicit profit being made.

i wish that i could just go out and fix everything automatically and i know that is an unrealistic way of thinking of going about it.  but it is so hard to think of so many people being used for someone else’s use. using control and superficial power over another.  i know for myself i am going to think more about what i am buying, why i am buying it and where it is coming from.  is it locally sourced and made, is it fair trade? how much does it cost? am i willing to save better to buy something of better quality where people are getting fair wages and benefits.

well it is time to get going,

let me know what you think. would love to hear from you.

with love,



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