Spring is Here!


i am no photographer but i couldn’t help to not grab my camera yesterday after class when i noticed all of the new budding on the trees.  i get rather excited when it comes to spring.  out of all the season’s spring is my favorite.  don’t get me wrong i love them all but there is something with spring that i am drawn to.   to me it is the new beginning, the freshness.  the gentle warming of the season, the light spring breeze.

spring always reminds me that anything is possible that no matter what- i can have a fresh start a re-awakening within myself.  sometimes for me the best things always happen in spring.

utah didn’t really have a winter this year, it was very mild with little snow fall and just all around little precipitation so it might not be as brightly popping as with other years.  if anything we have kinda been at this early spring for a few months now.

i have also been able to keep my window open in my bedroom at night for that new fresh air, its rather peaceful when you can wake up to the sound of birds chirping out your window and the smell of cold air.

and now onto the pictures…..




anyone else out there who loves spring as much as i do?  what is your favorite part of spring?

with love,


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