Filming on 25th…..

last week we had a big production filming crew come through downtown ogden for some scene’s on 25th street.  it was rather fun and a little bit ridiculous all at the same time.  they where filming for a pilot for an abc show, and i believe they are still filming around northern utah this week.  IMG_1697

with working at a restaurant that is right on 25th street and near the filming location we had some of the production team come in.  for the most part they all seemed okay, i only had one guy walk in the first day to announce in my ear that he was making a movie as i was asking him what tea he wanted.  as if i needed to know that and that for some odd reason his job is more important than mine.  i am sorry there you dude are making a t.v show, i am the women who will be serving you food so if you keep that up you can go elsewhere, and it’s not like you are curing cancer, aids or hunger so….. you work in the entertainment industry i am sure it is fun and all, but it means nothing to me.  (end thought rant)

anyways, friday after work i decided to stay downtown and to take myself for a date.  after dinner i went up to the roof of alleged to watch the filming on the street and to take some pictures.  it was intriguing to watch them go over the same scene over and over again.  i wonder if anyone was getting bored of pretending to be drunk and excited as trucks were passing by?



so that was all the hype happening around here over the weekend, and now we get back to normalcy.

have a great one!

with love,


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