Class Presentation Outfit…….

last tuesday i had a power point presentation, i spoke on human trafficking about how wide spread it is and the effects it has on our societies.  the presentation was for my communication class and we give a speech about every other week in there.  i got my grade back from class and i got an A on it.  i still have a few kinks to work out when i present but i am getting better at them.   it helps to realize that everyone else is just as tired and nervous as you are when getting up in front of the whole class.

so anyways, for class when we are presenting we are supposed to be dressed up for it.  i rather like these days because it is a chance for me to wear a dress.

after class i came home and took charles for a walk around the park and met up with my friend and goddaughter and where able to take a few pictures.



dress: from ume boutique  

with love,


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