a bit about my april

happy friday people!

oh man! can i just say how crazy ridiculous april was for me. i don’t know what got into that month but it was jammed packed with so much.  needles to say i might have had a week or two where i just threw my hands up and said “screw it”.  i am finally starting to catch my breath a bit and feeling a little more rested at this point in time.  we shall see how long that one lasts.

april still had its good points even while i might have had a bit of a melt down.  my best friend got married, it was beautiful, quiet and intimate, like 6 people intimate.  i haven’t been to too many small weddings, but i have to say i rather enjoy them. it really does draw the focus right to the couple. not to say there is anything wrong with a big wedding if that is what you like and enjoy and want for yourself.  but a lovely back yard engagement is rather romantic.

the end of april was finals and i did okay on them.  not as good as i wanted but for the most part i managed to pass.  and that i am grateful for.  i have learned some amazing stuff at school, education wise and about myself and what to do and not to do.  school overall has been really good for me and i look forward to learning more.  i have had fun meeting new people, being engaged with my mind and really thinking about what i want to do.  i try not to beat myself up about not going sooner,  it’s not at all what i expected it would be and yet it is so much simpler that what i thought it would be.  i just wasn’t ready before.  and now my only thing is not to overload myself thinking i need to be done by a certain point.  if i could, i would just do school and nothing else.

anyways, i am doing okay. just still learning how to balance everything and probably doing a terrible job at it.  one day, one day i will become a pro at this.

have a wonderful weekend everyone!

with love,


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