monday was my birthday. i had a good birthday week leading up to it and a fun evening with a few friends from work for dinner and drinks.

i turned 28 this birthday i know it should scare me that i am starting to inch ever closer to 30 but i am much more relaxed about my age and reaching 30.  i look forward to going into my thirties and my last few years of my twenties.

now that i am finally in my late 20’s i feel more comfortable in my skin and my body.  i finally feel like everything has all come together for me where i finally fit my age, body and mind set. i feel like i am able to listen to my body a lot more than before.  it lets me know when i need something specific, whether it is something i am craving to eat, if i need to rest, or to run, whether or not i am doing something wrong or if i am doing things right.  i feel more confident in myself, as an adult and as a women.  i am more sure of what i want and don’t want.

at 28 i know more of where i am heading and where i am wanting to head down in life.  i am more okay now that my way of life and what i want out of it is different from most people.  i understand better that it is more than okay for many to take a different path in life and not follow the same line that everyone else does.  for so long i felt as if i was behind everyone else and had to be on this race with them, until i realized where they were wanting to head and where i was wanting to head to.  different directions.

i enjoy the detours, plus going a little nw isn’t so bad.

i am looking forward to this new year for myself, i look forward to being 28 and whatever it has to offer me.  27 was an okay year for me.  it started out a bit rough, i was still moving on from the whole 26 thing.  27 got better towards the half part, i found my footing, made decisions and started learning to balance.   now at 28 i know it will be as good as a year as i let it be.  i know i will keep working on what i finished out with 27, learning to balance, to relax let go and have fun.  who knows what this year will bring but you know i am all for surprises.

with love,


p.s. picture taken by my best-friend on her cell phone.

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