Beach Day

IMG_1873 every year for my birthday as a child we would spend the day at the lake with just my family and sometimes a few close friends.  it was the only thing that i ever really wanted to do.  i have always loved the water and every memorial weekend looked forward to the beach and pools to open up.

this year my mom asked me what i wanted to do for my birthday back in april and i told her all i wanted was to go up to the mountains and go swimming at bear lake.  it is my favorite lake and beach out here.  its on the border of utah and idaho. the best part is the little town that is famous for their raspberry shakes.


we went a little early this year, the water was a little chiller and the lake came up a lot closer to the land.  so not so much of the pretty pristine white sand that they have.  but honestly it didn’t matter. i am just glad for the lovely drive up through the canyons and getting to relax on the beach with my family for the day.  there is nothing like getting to spend an early birthday with your mom and you know getting back to those good ol’ basics (remembering where you came from).   IMG_1891

there is something about going to the beach with a toddler.  getting to frolic and run around on the beach.  we zig-zagged along the beach with our arms spread out making buzzing noises as we drew closer to the water.  seth was timid when it came to the water and wasn’t so sure until we walked into it like it was nothing and kicked and splashed into the air.  for those few minutes he forgot he was afraid of the water and i forgot all about work and my midterm.  i remembered what it was like to be a child. it was exhilarating.

after the beach, dinner and cake we went into town of course for the famous raspberry shakes. let it be known i was the only one that got the raspberry shake and it was delicious.  since it was sunday we only had a few options to pick from. it was still a good option. IMG_1901 IMG_1902 Thank you momma for the beach day. I had such a blast.

with love,


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