Birthday recap -Ogden Twilight Series.


on june 4th built to spill was here for our very own ogden twilight series.  as my birthday gift my best friend took me to go see them.  we took a couple blankets to lay out on the lawn and met up with a few more friends and had ourselves a good time.

ogden has been buzzing lately with so much happening every week.  it has been so great to finally get some bands to come out to our little city.  there have been so many businesses who have been working on this for the past year to get this all to come together.   and the concerts have been going really well.  the concerts have been packed and it is bringing so much goodness to downtown ogden.

i love music, i love how it can just overtake you and quiet your mind.  the beats vibrating through your body. letting all your senses to come alive and allowing others to take over. like when you close your eyes and the experience changes and those sensations magnify.  its as if the music takes you somewhere else, something you can identify within yourself but you can’t explain to others.

i find my soul in music, it quiets my mind, letting my body go and what is left is my essence. nothing else matters as i let the music sway me.  its a high i can’t find from anywhere else.  i crave music, good music that takes me out of myself connects me to a spiritual level that i don’t get anywhere else.

it was a good night of celebration with friends. to relax, feel free and to laugh.

with love,


the next concert is this thursday and guess who will be there?  -The Moth and The Flame!  Have you heard of them? if not you need to. They are a local utah band hailing from provo. and oh my they are amazing! Plus there are some other great bands that night as well.

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