small update


i feel like it has been awhile since i have written anything in a creative process.  my mind has been bogged down with school work, work, life in movement.  i have reached for my paper and pen over and over but then stopping myself wondering if i have anything to say and realizing i do but where do i start.  i have drafts and drafts of almost finished posts until i become to tired to finish and allowing my mind to wonder quicker than my fingers can keep up.  i am stretching and trying, i do crave writing-i just realize it is going to take me a little bit to get back into again. 

i have moved, i was at my last place for almost two years. that is quite an accomplishment for me.  i am now staying with friends and trying to finish up this semester at school.  picking up and going is constantly on my mind.  as soon as i feel settled in one place i start getting this egging notion to start looking for somewhere else.  i have grown to love ogden and utah these last 9 years but i have been dreaming of being out on the road somewhere anywhere new.  a new setting to start a new chapter in my life, possibly another charming mountain town, possibly a beach town, maybe even a farm life for a time.  i want a place to set up roots for myself something to go back to.  i feel as if i am in constant search for home. i find it for a time until i realize that there is so much more that i haven’t seen or learned yet.

i switched jobs as well.  i worked in a little cafe for a little time and loved it.  i miss it has much as i hate to admit.  i was in my element there.  it was comfortable so i decided to work in a bar instead. now i am learning about craft beer, what the main ingredients are, a little of the history of beer, and the process of making beer now.  i am enjoying myself there i get to be my flirtatious self a little more but from a safe distance.  although i am always a flirt when there is a counter in-between.  it keeps me moving and entertained so i don’t have to think so much or at least what i don’t want to think about.


and now my mind is wondering and as i have said before my fingers can’t keep up the pace.

this was fun, we should do this again….soon.

with love,


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