Happy Love Month!


Do all things with love_thumb[3]                                                                                         link

magic is in the air my friends. and love is the greatest magic that we can create and share for ourselves.

this morning as i was laying in bed trying to get my self up i kept repeating to myself to love, be open to love & allow myself to receive love.  that whatever i do today to do it out of love.

so this month is magic month, whatever it is that i am wanting in my life i am creating it.  and why not do this around the “holiday” of love.  why not let it last through the whole month of february.

why not create the love that i desire, romance that i seek. why not pretend and believe that i am who i want to be when i grow up.  why not see the world as kind, loving, compassionate & giving.

there is lots of it for the taking, if we allow ourselves, give ourselves permission.  why not already believe that i have so much love in my life.

because i do, i don’t need a husband, boyfriend, child, family to make me feel like i do. i have that in me already- to create.

its there!

being single is an adventure, plus! i can eat the whole heart shaped box of chocolates by myself and not feel ashamed while watching cheesy rom-coms.

so here is to love!

love & magic!

and single adventures!

with love,




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