my new adventure

i am selling everything i possibly can, to downsize, buy and live remotely in a 28 ft rv.  i know crazy, it is one of my crazier ideas. i have been thinking and researching for a good few years.  i am just now finally putting it out into action.  decisions had to finally be made which was do i (Jessica) want to just fantasies and dream and dream about my dreams or do i want to make them a reality.

i have been waiting for awhile now just sitting on it. thinking that at some other feasible time would present itself to me and that would be better.  the thing of it is is what better time than now. i am single, young and i have no obligations besides myself and my dog.  i thought i had to wait, i had hoped that i wouldn’t have to do it alone.  honestly it is a bit intimidating thinking about doing this alone.  after some thinking though i finally came to that realization that i want to be alone.  i want to do this by myself.  no more waiting around for whatever is around the corner, no more thinking that i have to wait for some special person to waltz right into my life and make it easier.  to do this with me.

we never know what might possibly happen in our lives.  we prepare for things but who knows if those things will or won’t happen. why wait? why not enjoy life to its fullest.  our society tells us that we should do life in a certain order. this timeline that we create, does anyone else feel like it cuts our life short because we are always rushing to the next goal and never enjoying the state we are in?

i had this realization sometime a few years ago and then slowly had forgotten it. i went back to thinking that i had to keep in pace with my peers.  it felt as if i was always failing. what a sad state of mind to always be in.  we pit ourselves against each other we think we have to have that timeline for life.  what does it serve, who does it serve?  i know that way of thinking doesn’t serve me anymore.  lets be honest here, i have never fully lived life in the right timeline.  i have always done things a bit backwards and that’s okay because i know my mom still loves her flowerchild who dances to the beat of her own drum.

so this is a new journey, me (jess) on my route to buying an rv, downsizing my things, and living in an rv full time.  its going to be a whole new adventure for me, one have been wanting to create for a very long time, one i have dreamed of.  something i finally see coming into play for myself.  its always one adventure after the other with me.

life is an adventure ready to be taken and lived, something to be enjoyed. slow down and take life in. All of its facets.

i’m ready are you?

with love,


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