The Plan

so i had a bit of a set back… last week with the r.v.  its extremely small, minimum even. so i had to go back to the drawing board and really do some full on planning with everything. so i wrote everything down and got to work with it and asked for some help to get there.

step one was finding another living situation.  my best friend and her husband are moving next month and need to finish work on their house and i needed to find something cost effective for myself so i can still safe and that was in close proximity to my job.  so plan 1 will be staying with my mother for a few months.

step two is to find a second job, preferably at nights for two or three nights a week, that has an hourly pay. the plan is to find something within that pays 10 to 12 dollars an hour. Everything from this second job will go towards a down payment for the r.v.  so i updated my resume (rather kelsey updated my resume and i gave her a shoulder message, because that is just what you do).  resume is done and sending out.

step three is to pay off two particular bills.  this will be done in the next two weeks.

step four is get my taxes straightened out and done.  one it needs done because its tax season and two the tax returns will help with getting the r.v.

step five is to get everything i need sold and to minimize what i have. a 24 ft rv is not very big, i mean there is a good amount of storage, but that storage has to hold my life in it with 1 dog and 1 human as well.   i am a rather sentimental person so there is a lot that i have held onto because of the memories that they hold for me. then there are things that i have just no problem getting rid of.  its been a rather interesting time for me with this.

step six is to plan for after i get the rv.  how long do i want to stay in utah, how much will i need to cover my cost with traveling and living on the road. where do i want to go, see and do.  what is my expenses going to possibly look like.  how much will it cost me to maintain an r.v and gas as well.  do i want to go right in and renovate or do i want to hold off?  these are questions i am asking myself right now and looking into.

the next few months are going to be rather interesting for me. it is certainly a time of movement for me.  i feel like at this time i am finally fully taking care of myself, i am looking out for what it is that i want and i am moving forward with those plans.  i am hoping there will be little set backs, but you know that is just life and i just have to realize i have set a plan out for myself go with it and allow what ever is to happen to just you know happen.

so keep following along with me on this new journey.

with love,




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