i got back from moab today and i am ready to head back to the quiet and calm of the back country desert.   i have been very lucky in the fact that i have been able to go to arches national park and canyonlands 5 times since i have lived out here in utah.  i thouht about that this trip, about all the different times i have been down there.  who i went with, the memories and where i was at in life during those times.  this year i got to with my best friend and god daughter.  they are moving in just two weeks and we wanted a girls trip before they left.  we both needed to get away from the city and life for a bit.  the desert is a great place for that.

moab does something to me that i love and look forward to each time.  the energy and the relief i feel every time i set foot down there rejuvenates me for the rest of what we call “real” life.   i’m not sure why our society believes that we have to have a 9 to 5 job and always be in doors for this.  honestly it confuses me, its has if our culture we have created has forgotten something and who we are by always thinking that we just need to “get ahead in life”.  what does this even mean anyways?

the way i see life and how i want to live it is by doing more of this… traveling, sightseeing, being out in nature and experiencing life.


southern utah has a beauty all on its own.  when i first moved out here i didn’t appreciate it like i do now.  i grew up with trees, green grass and rolling hills.  here in utah there is a lot more dirt, sandstone, orange, red, yellows and a few greens.  with boulders, plateaus, mountains and few rivers it makes it a play ground all its own.  i love exploring and learning about this place.


it rained and snowed on us the three days we were there.  when you go to moab you don’t normally think of snow but it was a nice contrast on the high plateaus and la sal mountains and the lower plateaus.  i have to say from either going in the heat of the summer or in the early spring- i will choose the early spring.  you can always add clothes but you can only take off so much. IMG_2264

there is almost nothing like going to one of your favorite places with your best friend.  something about being able to be yourself, talk about spirituality, religion, politics, society and wishing we could just escape it all live on farms and forget that there is anyone else around.  its getting to act like kids for three days, running around in red dirt, jamming in the car and having a friend know you so well that they all ready know who and when you will be looking at eye candy.  there is nothing like friendships that are more like family and you can talk about life together but you can also be silent together as you take everything in.

end sap…start picturesIMG_2306





with love,


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