Life is interesting with its twists and turns, upheavels and then those flows of mundane living.   One moment we feel as if we are flying high and then in a flash we are falling fast. Unable to get our bearings, slow down or stop spinning.  In these moments I try to focus on something else. 

I focus on the way the sun is angled in the sky and how it gives it a yellowish glow. The way the colors pop against the mountains with its  orange and reds. How this time of year the night sky glimmers just a little extra as it starts to cool at night.   I like to remind myself to breath and try as much as I can to slow down where I can.  To be a little more patient with myself.  

I have been told that what we think is a turmoil, difficulty or hard time is there to mold us for our future selves our better selves. Preparing us for some grander thing in our life, to make us more to become more of who we are.  Life trains us to be great if we allow it. Cause and effect whether we reap the benifits ourselves or someone else does down the road due to our efforts.  

This is at least what I tell myself , keep it positive.

 Keep my wits about me. 

Good luck to all those struggling out there.  Your not alone in this, remember that above all! 

With love 


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