Day 1 promt 

I will be following along with Ann Dee Ellis’s writing promts. They are 8 minute memoir prompts to help get you writing, thinking about what you yourself remembers. 

Day 1- I remember as a little girl always wanting as much time as I could get with my mom.  When she went to the grocery store I went, outside gardening I was next to her, cleaning the house I was helping.  When sitting on the couch I would snuggle up next to her. She would put her arm around me pulling me closer and there we would sit watching whatever was on the television.

I remember one day she gave me an all day mother-daughter day.  We woke up early went to a water park an hour away. We soaked up the sun and water.  I ran from one ride to the next.  When I wanted to go down the water slide but got scared by the height she soothed me into it, reminding me she would be right behind me. I had nothing to fear. We drove home and she taught me how to make a homemade pizza and we sat on our porch in the evening discussing the day and that summer.

I remember how we both loved to go on drives.  She would call up to me, I would rush out to the car we get in and we’d drive. To nowhere. In those times it was as if we would just keep driving.  Her arm out the window, the sun beating down on her arm, the wind whipping in and gushing out my side.  The radio turned up loud as I sang to every song on the station.  It didn’t matter who it was, I knew them by heart.  I would sing, my mom would think and watch as the woods and farms flashed passed us along the country roads of Ohio.  The roads turning and meandering along rivers and hills.

In those days I remember how it felt as if it was her and I against the world. 

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