We flipped a coin

Sunday morning over Labor Day Weekend Jordan and I couldn’t decide on what to do- take a quick last minute trip to southern Utah or do spiral jetty and Golden Spike.  So we flipped a coin and let it decode for us.

Tails was spiral and golden spike. Many of my friends have been and I hadn’t had the opportunity yet to go. I was excited for either side of the coin.  We got our day snacks and water filled and headed out for a light day of adventure.

It was a good drive north on I-15 to The Golden Spike Monument.  For those who don’t know.  The railway was connected here in Utah between the east and west coast.  For the celebration a golden spike was layed by the then railway tycoon.  There is a small visitor center that plays a movie about the construction of the railway and then outside they have a two locomotive replicas.  FYI if you do this I would add t Union Station Museum in Ogden, Utah. Gives you more information about the rail system and the history of the railway.

After taking pictures with the cars we headed down the road farther to The Great Salt Lake where The Spiral Jetty was constructed.

Back in the 70s a man hired a contractor to build a rock formation now known as the Spiral Jetty out in the Great Salt Lake.  The water once upon a time used to come up and cover the jetty at certain times of the year.  These days the lake water has receded so far out that who knows if they will ever reunite again.

If you don’t know the formation of the jetty and you head out there and see this rock formation you might wonder if this was/ is a arcological site. Who formed this, why was this formed, what does it represent?

I wonder what people will think of it centuries down the road. When we are all lost, the remnants of our lives are all but covered and gone, what will they think?  Will the story still survive or will it be lost and future generations have to come up with their own clues, ideas.

We as humans have a tendency to create objects for either spiritual, religious or practical reasons.  The reasons tend to get lost but the structure survives and future humans then go and try to understand what it was for. Perhaps so we can understand our own nature a bit more.
Whatever the reason it is still fun to explore and to wonder.
What you will need.

  1. A light sweater, jacket for season
  2. Sandals or tennis shoes
  3. Water
  4. Hat for protection
  5. Snacks

Have fun adventuring!

With love,


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