Peach Days

On Saturday Jordan I headed to the Ogden famers market for coffee at daily rise. We walked around and then headed up to Brigham City for Peach Days.

We were looking forward to all things peach.  Saturday turned out to Be a beautiful late, early fall day.  Brigham City is a quaint little western town.  Shops along main street, American flags hanging in shop doors, trees lining the main street along the residential area as you head out of town.  Diners and drive- in galore to make you think of days gone by.  And the wasatch mountains has your backdrop.

The festival wasn’t what we were expecting.  There were lots of shop vendors, a mini fair along the street, and fair food.  We had for lunch a peach smoothie and gyro.
We had a good time whether or not we thought there should have been more peaches and peach activities. We walked around bought some local soup and enjoyed the last of summer.

All and all I would possibly go again, maybe look up more of what was going on in the city calender for those unique activities.

After we left peach days Jordan showed me some old abandoned military buildings in Brigham.

The man has an art for finding all old buildings and envisioning what the restoration would be.  A town dance hall, art studios, apartments, shops.   I rather enjoy the way he see things differently, his perspective on life and how we could make it better for all of us.
He’s a dream. End mush.

With love,


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