Thoughts on Mesa Verde and Travel

Last week was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, a lot has happened with family and I needed to get away, breath, refocus…center again.  Jordan asked what I wanted, what I was needing. I told him I wanted to run away… So we did, well at least for the weekend.

I bought a National Parks book this past spring. I like to flip through it. Get ideas, plan out my big Mobile adventure with it.  Jordan and I flipped through it together after deciding not to take a trip to meet with his friends in South Dakota. We really wanted to but his work schedule mandated we stay close.  So we flipped through the pages of my book and decided on Mesa Verde National Park.

Mesa Verde has been on my radar for some time.  My bestfriend loves it down there, its an archeologist dream come true.  Studing geography and having a deep appreciation for native american culture myself I wanted to explore as much as I could.  As a kid flipping through my history books I would fixate on the images. Imaging myself there exploring, discovering something new.  I became the explorer, historian, archeologists, geologist, I became the people of those times.

Going to college and exploring my interest in geography, nature pops out to me.  How land is formed, where can we find water, what do the rocks look like, the colors of the dirt.  What flora do we find, what animals, insects are living, how do they adapt to the climate.  The desert is so appealing to me, what we think should be a livable climate-thrives and those species who do find ways to adapt, culltivate.

We are told in history, science, social classes the the early humans live along-near rivers but so much of our history is right along desert habitats.  Places we think have no water but has rivers, lakes, pockets of water hidden or in plain sight.  Mesa Verde is unique in the fact that water is gathered and collected from rain fall and seeps down into the cliffs and there each drop is collected along the back walls.

Its so fascinating to me, so much to learn and understand. The Anasazi people had learned to live and flourish for over 700 hundred years at Mesa Verde. Hunting and gathering, migrating and then eventually farming. Making dwellings underground, building villages and then building and living in the cliffs. The building work is very well done. Lasting this long.
I believe we have a duty to protect the ancestrial lands. The more I travel and learn the more I realize that we are caretakers.  We have an obligations that I feel stronger and stronger about as i get older, as I explore and learn.

We are lucky to have places like Mesa Versa and all of the other parks. At there are caretakers and money put in to restore, educate and provide for our benifit and pleasure to seek out.

The parks are a sanctuary from our busy, hectic and modern day lives.

I am thankful for all the traveling I have been able to do this last month.  Each weekend has been somewhere new to explore.  An adventure that I have always dreamed of, its why so many years ago I moved out here and why I stay mainly in the west.

I am grateful for Jordan and our new partnership, companionship and love. That he see’s the world a bit like I do – exploring, learning, understanding and protecting our lands.  The onset of our relationship has been about travel and it continues to be that as we plan. Its our priority, our passion and dream for ourselves.

With love,


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